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RSS Feeds from BBC Weather

6th February 2018 Last updated at 17:45
What are RSS feeds?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a method of distributing and sharing web content in a standardised, machine-readable format. You can view feeds from various sources in one location as soon as they're published without having to visit the content-publisher's website.

Which RSS feeds are available from BBC Weather?

BBC Weather provides RSS feeds for 3-day forecasts as well as observations data for a number of global locations.

For example, the feeds for Manchester are:

If you want to find the RSS feed for a particular weather location, simply search for the location on the BBC Weather website and go to the appropriate forecast location page. Then copy and insert the page url's seven-digit number into either RSS example above (replacing the existing example seven-digit number for Manchester).

Terms of Use

If you use BBC Weather's RSS feeds on your own website, we require that the proper format and attribution is used wherever BBC Weather content appears. The attribution text should read "BBC Weather" or "". You may not use any BBC logo or other BBC trademark.

We reserve the right to prevent the distribution of BBC Weather content and the BBC does not accept any liability for its feeds. Please see our Terms of Use for full details.