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    Video caption: Mexico's missing students: Reaction to attorney general arrest

    Mexicans have been expressing how they feel about the former attorney general, Jesus Murillo Karam's, arrest.

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    Video caption: Climate change forces indigenous islanders in Panama to relocate

    Magdalena Martínez tells the BBC how she feels about leaving the island she grew up on.

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    Video caption: Escaped bull wrecks shop in Peru

    The animal had escaped from a truck transporting it to an abattoir.

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    Video caption: Bolsonaro: Brazil's president attempts to grab heckler's phone

    A YouTuber films himself shouting insults at Bolsonaro before nearly losing his phone to the president.

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    Video caption: Anteater rescued from wildfire by Bolivian firefighters

    Firefighters tackling bushfires found an injured anteater in a scorched protected area.