'Robin Hood' of Delhi arrested amid claims of 160 crimes

By Alex Binley
BBC News

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A Delhi Police sign outside the Red Fort.Image source, Getty Images

A man dubbed the "Robin Hood" of Delhi, who is alleged to have led a gang of 25 merry men, has been arrested in India.

Wasim Akram and his outfit robbed wealthy homes, stealing cash and jewellery and giving some money to the poor, police in the capital said.

Unlike the Disney version, Mr Akram and his band are alleged to have kept much of their gains for themselves.

The force claimed Mr Akram, also known as Lambu (Lofty) committed 160 crimes - including attempted murder and rape.

Police said a special cell had been set up to catch the 27 year old, who they finally nabbed on Friday after four months of tailing him.

They accused him of firing on them during a previous arrest attempt in June.

They said he was carrying a pistol with three live cartridges in it when he was arrested.

The "notorious absconding history sheeter" - an Indian English term meaning a habitual criminal - would frequently change his hideouts across several Indian states, the force said in a statement.

It continued that because he gave to the poor, Akram received support from local communities who would tip him off about the movements of the police, allowing him to evade them for so long.

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